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The Blind Spot spread analyses a topic that plays a major role in personal life. This can be the own person or another important matter. Perhaps it is also about an insight that needs to be recognized or a crucial question that requires an answer.

Meaning of the positions

1. The Known

What you can recognize by yourself and also others notice. These are things that one is aware of and that are also present in the outside world.

2. My point of view

What I notice but others don't. This can be secrets or private thoughts, that are kept well hidden. But maybe it's also about things that you would like others to know about, only that nobody gets wind of it.

3. Outside viewpoint

What other people can see, but what remains hidden from me. Something is there, is perceived by others, but as a person affected, you only find out about it when someone tells you, for example as a compliment or as criticism.

4. The Unknown

What nobody realizes. This card usually represents the subconscious level. Then it is about hidden fears or secret hopes. But it can also be something apparent,but for some reason nobody notices.

The Blind Spot in the field of practice

The way of thinking behind the Blind Spot pattern is not only used in card reading. It is also common in other fields of knowledge, such as psychology or business administration. This model can be helpful to examine how people work together in a team or in the entire company.

There are two ways to use the system in a card reading. The first way is the classical method. The cards are asked and the results are regarded as a set answer of fate. The second way is a little more advanced. Here it is not only about the card that appears at the current position, but also about the own reaction to it. Do I agree with this or do I have reservations about the result? Would I have expected something else at this point?

Through this kind of self-reflection, the Blind Spot is treated as a game of self-awareness. In the focus of attention are emotional impulses that arise when looking at the final result.