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Divination with Playing Cards Divination with Playing Cards
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Two Alternatives The Blind Spot Card Oracle Celtic Cross

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In this oracle reading three cards are drawn. One for the past, one for the present and one for the future.

This is a classic way of divination, which was even used by the Vikings, except that runes were placed to obtain answers. It helps to understand where you actually stand, where you come from and in which direction you are moving. Today, the same questions are in the focus of attention as back then. Only that they are rather answered with playing cards, Lenormand or the Tarot.


What I can learn from experience and accumulated knowledge and how I can use it for what lies ahead.


The current situation and its challenges. What is of central importance and should receive special attention.


Something that happens under certain circumstances and which should be dealt with. The card shows a possible development that may or may not occur.