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The Celtic Cross spread looks at the past, present and future. It is the right choice for many questions and life situations. No matter whether it is about the job or love. It shows the future, but also points to important events or unanswered questions from the past. Besides external facts it examines feelings, subconscious processes and what currently affects you.

Meaning of the positions

1. Current situation / important aspect

A hint to the situation or life circumstances of the person asking the question. Perhaps it suggests a significant point which one may have ignored so far.

2. Further influence

The situation is described in more detail by the second card. This may be a slightly different view of the scenario. But it is also possible that another influence is pointed out here, which in one way or another influences fate.

3. What is obvious

At this point of the reading the most evident is shown. This can be aspired goals or longed-for wishes. In any case it is something that affects the whole situation and you are fully aware of.

4. What is believed in

At this point the subconscious is highlighted. It is about felt truths, which are an integral part of the present world view and which cannot be easily questioned. Even if one denies them by the mind, the intuition may have a different opinion.

5. Past

Here the Celtic Cross looks at what happened before. It gives an indication of what led to the present situation, what was done right or wrong. Even if it can no longer be changed, the past can be understood and perhaps used in one way or another.

6. Near future

What are the effects for the near future? This card gives a glimpse of what might happen. It shows that part of the time ahead, that is already visible in the present and is in the process of coming true.

7. Questioner

This card shows the person in the focus. It can express an attitude that influences the whole picture. It may also point to a characteristic or strength of the questioner that can lead to a favorable development.

8. External influences

The Celtic Cross brings the outside world into play at this position. This can be the efforts and actions of other people that have an influence on the circumstances. However, other impacts could also be imaginable, which come from nature or the place where one is located.

9. Hopes and fears

What one expects and what are the biggest fears? At this station dreams and wishes as well as fears are depicted. Sometimes a card expresses both at the same time. It also gives an insight into the inner life.

10. Long-term future

What happens in the long run. The card should be seen in the context of the question. It gives an indication of how the issue at stake will develop over time. It contains the answer to where the current situation is leading ands describse the outcome of a long journey.