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The spread of the Cross helps to channel the development of the future in a desired direction. It is useful for all questions concerning the right behaviour or the right attitude in order to achieve something.

Starting from the present, the cards show good opportunities and actions, while they warn of bad actions or attitudes. In the end they reveal where the whole situation leads.

Meaning of the positions

1. Basic situation

This is the point.This card shows the problem, the question or the life situation. It describes something that we actually already know. Still, it can offer a new, additional view on the current situation.

2. Dangers and warnings

This card warns of things that are not target-oriented, and therefore don't lead to a favourable outcome. These can be behaviours, beliefs and decisions that are not recommended. It also shows risks and dangers that are better avoided.

3. Opportunities and suggestions

This position shows what leads to a desired result. These can be deeds or personal attitudes that the cards advise. It also shows opportunities that need to be seized.

4. Future

This point of the reading gives a glimpse on the time to come. It could be an unalterable future that occurs one way or another. Probably, however, the result is shown to which the advice of the cards leads. This would occur if one is careful about the warning of the second card and follows the advice of the third.