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The card spread looks like a bridge. It leads to the upcoming time and analyses what you want, how you can achieve it and what the prospects are. The transition from the present to the future is studied, here. The focus is on realistic goals. It is not so much about wishful thinking, but rather about a concrete shaping of the own life.

Meaning of the positions

1. The present

The initial position of the questioner. The first card represents the current moment, which will soon be past and which is also influenced by former experiences.

2. What you want to keep

What you like about your life and what you would prefer to remain the same.

3. What you would like to change

Here you can see what bothers you and what you would like to improve.

4. What leads to the goal in the short term

This position of the spreading system represents what is really effective at the moment. It shows a way to achieve short-term success. It can also give an impression of the first steps that are necessary to realize sustainable ambitions.

5. What currently prevents progress

The card illustrates hurdles that currently prevent the achievement of goals. These can be external circumstances of limited duration or, for example, internal blockades that will eventually dissolve.

6. What hinders progress in the long term

This is about things that in the long run block your own success and the implementation of projects. These are, for example, basic attitudes or habits that cannot be dropped so quickly.

7. What fosters long-term development

At this point, positive influences are shown that promote the achievement of long-term goals and lasting success. These are, for example, personal behaviour, favourable events or the help of other people.

8. What may occur in the future

This card represents a change that should be expected at some point. It shows what you might have to deal with. It can be something desirable, undesirable or neutral.

9. What may no longer exist in the future

Something from the past is shown here, that cannot cross the bridge into the future. It will probably disappear from your life, no matter if it is something pleasant or unpleasant.

10. Overall picture of the future

The last card gives an impression of how the future may develop in general and where it can lead in the long term.