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The Blind Spot Partnership Spread Mystery of the High Priestess Card Oracle

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This reading gives advice when the heart has to decide between two people. It evaluates the characteristics of both persons in a love relationship. It also predicts where the future could lead, with one possible partner and with the other.

The spread goes into details. It tries to find out which positive developments are possible and where the dangers for the relationship lurk. Furthermore, it not only focuses on the next time, but also on the long-term development of the partnership.

Meaning of the positions

1. Person A - what is clearly recognizable

At the first position of the pattern, clearly visible characteristics and attitudes to life are portrayed. The card represents either the whole person or only a known side that has to be considered for the question.

2. Person A - what works in the shadows

This is about the hidden characteristics. These are concealed, and some are cleverly hidden from others. Perhaps these attributes are not even recognized by the person concerned and only work on a subconscious level.

3. Person B - what is obvious

like position 1

4. Person B - what is hidden

like position 2

5. Opportunities with person A

What can be achieved together. What kind of personal growth is possible. What wishes or goals can be fulfilled in this relationship. The chances either come directly from the person or from the destiny that is favoured by a decision for this partner.

6. Risks with person A

The card describes the negative things, that can happen when you decide to choose this partner. It shows in which undesirable ways the relationship might develop.

7. Chances with person B

like position 5

8. Risks with person B

like position 6

9. Immediate future person A

The card takes a look at what happens directly when this partner is chosen.

10. long term future person A

The position shows where the decision for this person might lead in the long run.

11. short term future person B

like position 9

12. long term future person B

like position 10

Advice: What else should be considered

Of course, the cards cannot completely relieve one of such momentous decisions. The reading shows what can happen, when someone chooses one or the other partner. How much importance is attached to this result, is at ones own decision.

A useful way to deal with the result is to observe your own reaction to the cards you have drawn. You can ask yourself, whether you see things the same way or not. This method is able to provide clarity and point out what you really want.