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The spread of the love oracle is designed to study relationships. It gives advice on matters of love and helps to solve problems.

The reading compares the attitudes of both sides and suggests solutions to open questions or problems. It takes a close look at oneself and the partner. The gaze may be on the partnership as a whole or on a single aspect, perhaps a dispute or an issue that needs to be settled at some point. The answer of the cards may inspire ideas of how to be happier together.

Meaning of the positions

1. The current situation, problem or question

The first card outlines what the card reading is generally about. It can represent the entire relationship or an aspect of it, which is particularly important. It is also conceivable that a problem or a pending decision is being pointed out here - or something else that is relevant at the moment. Maybe the card also refers to the reason why the love oracle is questioned at all.

2. My attitude or feelings

This is about the person asking the question. It is explained how one stands to the relationship and expects from it. Current feelings can also be described, for example how much in love you are right now. It is also possible that a problem or a hope is shown here.

3. Attitude or feelings of the partner

This position corresponds to the second card, except that this is about the partner. The oracle tries to describe what he/she thinks, feels or dreams about.

4. Advice of the cards

What advice does this reading offer me? This might be general counsel for the entire partnership. Maybe how it develops best and most stable - or how love remains as strong as ever. If the interpretation goes more deeply and examines a problem, the answer is a solution.

to prevent conflicts

The spreading system presents two attitudes, which are sometimes quite contradictory. The second and third cards show your own position and that of your partner. This can harmonize with each other, but it also holds tension and potential for conflict, which can lead to lovesickness.

The cards provide the solution at the fourth position, a way of avoiding conflicts and achieving a harmonious coexistence. In some cases, however, it is not a matter of preventing disputes, but of productively reducing disagreements in order to finally resolve something.

Either way, at the fourth position, the cards point to possibilities of how to develop togetherness in a meaningful and desired direction.