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The partnership spread looks at both sides from different angles and compares them. It is about the relationship itself, about the inner life and about the opinion of the environment.

The cards explore feelings and attitudes. So differences and similarities can be revealed. A closer look at the result points to pending risks or common interests.

Meaning of the positions

1. The situation / what is involved

The opening card gives a bird's eye view on the relationship. It describes the whole situation or a single point, something like a problem or a question.

2. The image I have of myself

How do I see myself in that relationship? Where do I define myself and where do I merge with my significant other? The card indicates the personal role in the partnership.

3. The image the partner has of himself

like position 2

4. My feelings

Feelings are shown - or influences that have an effect on the emotional world and especially on love. Besides affection and desires, these can also be irrational fears or unfulfilled longings. Even external events or, for example, thoughts that only indirectly affect feelings are shown here.

5. The feelings of the partner

like position 4

6. How other people think of me

At this point it is about the impression you make on friends, family or colleagues. Of interest is how they see you in the relationship and in dealing with your partner.

7. How the partner is perceived by others

The card reveals how the partner is regarded by the social environment. It can give clues as to how he or she is accepted by the circle of friends and family.

How the partnership spread can help

The reading helps you to get closer to your beloved one. It is not only the message of the individual cards that are important, but also one's own view of their meaning, whether they are right or wrong. By dealing with this question, some things can be noticed which might otherwise have remained hidden. Of course, the individual positions of the cards usually do not represent the whole situation, but aspects of it.

Overall, one gets to know the other half and the whole relationship better. Disagreements and discrepancies can be found as well as ways to a harmonious togetherness.