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This spreading system shows a way to success. It reveals which factors help to achieve personal goals. And it tries to identify obstacles that might cause difficulties.

The cards focus on what is to be achieved, both professionally and privately. In doing so, they show different kinds of opportunities and risks. It is about personal attitudes and skills, but also about supporting other people.

Meaning of the positions

1. What is to be achieved?

The first card represents the goal. It describes it completely or highlights a particular aspect. Here you can already find a thoughtful suggestion, for example, whether the project makes sense, for what reasons it is aimed at or what you should not forget when realizing it.

2. Which attitude leads to the goal?

At this point it is shown which attitudes support the success or what is nothing to be afraid of.

3. What attitude prevents success?

This position warns against harmful attitudes that stand in the way of a positive development. It can also be shown which rather pleasant things distract you from your goal or with which inner impulses you obstruct success.

4. Which talents are helpful

The focus is on oneself and personal talents. The card shows which skills you can benefit from in your projects. These include qualifications, life experience, accumulated knowledge or natural talents.

5. Which characteristics interfere with the goal?

Once again, the focus is on the questioner. However, it is about characteristics and attitudes that make positive results difficult. These can be weaknesses, bad habits or other things that stand in the way of progress.

6. Who helps me?

At this point, a person is shown who can help. The card represents the whole character or just essential parts of it, which are mainly relevant for the support.

7. Who is holding me back?

The person portrayed here is putting obstacles in your path. This can be intentional or accidental. However, it can lead to losing time or money, taking detours and in extreme cases even having to abandon your ambition.

8. What will I achieve?

The last position gives an indication of how much can be achieved. This helps to consider whether one wants too much at once or whether one could quietly strive for more. It may also be possible to foresee with the help of the card whether one will be successful and in which direction the future might evolve.