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The Yes or No reading offers support for decisions. It uses two cards to answer what happens in both cases. It also takes a closer look at the whole situation and describes the consequences of one way or the other. Basically the spread is for all kinds of decisions with two alternative options.

Meaning of the positions

1. Background situation

The context of a decision. The card in this position shows what has led to the fact that a decision must now be made. It can also give a hint of what to consider.

2. Obvious consequences of YES

What is clearly visible and immediately apparent.

3. Hidden consequences of YES

What is not immediately noticeable and only shows its effect on a subconscious level.

4. Obvious consequences of NO

What is evident and can be seen very soon after the decision is made.

5. Hidden consequences of NO

What at first seems to works indirectly or takes place in the hidden areas of consciousness.

6. Lasting consequences of YES

The card explains the effects in the long term. Where do I go if I take this path?

7. Long-term consequences of NO

Outlines the long term impact. To what point in my life does this choice lead me?

8. If the decision is circumvented

There are often ways to avoid a binding decision. Even if it means postponing it again and again. Where this tactic leads to is shown by the last card of the spread.

For decision making purposes

Most reading systems are not only suitable for fortune telling. They also offer some sort of instrument for self-reflection. And they can also serve very well as an oracle that simplifies decisions.

Using it as a game of self-awareness, on the other hand, gives the opportunity to get to know the personal wishes and demands better and perhaps also to uncover hidden emotions. In this way, one can examine the situation through introspection and determine which alternative really works. Basically, all you have to do is listen to your inner self and observe your reaction to the cards you have placed. This way, you may understand what you really want and what you would rather avoid.