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Divination with Playing Cards Divination with Playing Cards
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The Love Decision Road to Success Two Alternatives Partnership Spread

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The most popular reading is probably the daily card. You draw it to reveal something about the present or the next hours. It may also be about the very near future, mostly tomorrow or the day after.

Here you have the choice between the Tarot, playing cards and Lenormand. Each of the decks offers its own interpretation for the day.

You can draw a card once and simply accept the result. However, it would also be imaginable to get a further opinion, maybe from another deck. If you just have selected the Tarot, you might also want to ask the Lenormand or the playing cards.

Does the daily card know my future?

Through the spreading one simulates possible developments. Maybe fate wants to reveal something with the result, or higher powers one believes in, send a message. It would also be a possibility to draw again until you are content with what you see. And define that as a fixed future. Anyway, a card for the day may help to show what is in store, but it is unlikely that it provides an exact prediction.